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Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Air, Space Grey


  1. Alan K Holt
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    Logitech Gambled and Lost with the iPad Air, December 16, 2013
    Alan K Holt (Irvine, CA United States) –

    This review is from: Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Air, Space Grey (Personal Computers)
    This review is for the iPad Air keyboard. I have the same keyboard for the 4th generation iPad and LOVED IT. If you are buying this for the iPad Air, you should search through all these reviews looking for people who are writing this specifically for the iPad Air.

    Logitech clearly gambled here. They released this keyboard within a week after the iPad Air was released. Since Apple does not share specs on their devices before they are released, Logitech must have been basing this on some of the parts that were leaked from Apple factories in China. It fits nicely, but two major problems that they could not have foreseen: the magnets do not line up, and the plastic part of the keyboard lifts upward (almost peels off) off the aluminum part once you put the iPad in viewing/typing mode. They could not have foreseen this because the “leaked” parts only contained the outer shell, not the positioning of the magnets nor the weight/density of the iPad, which this keyboard cover is clearly not built to hold. It makes a hideous sounding plastic creaking noise whenever you put the iPad in or touch the iPad, like you do frequently on a touch screen device! With regard to the magnets – if you pick up the iPad, the keyboard no longer goes with it (like in previous versions for the iPad 2/3/4) – it will fall to the ground.

    I know I am not the only person who had these problems. Logitech originally posted this product on Amazon as its own product listing, separate from the iPad 2/3/4 Keyboard. They got about 45 reviews with a 2.5 star average due to these issues. They then did something VERY CLEVER. They killed that listing and just added the iPad Air as an option to their very popular listing for the iPad 2/3/4 Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover. This got rid of the bad reviews for the iPad Air keyboard to-date, and drowned out future bad reviews with the 2000+ excellent reviews for the older generation keyboard (which again, is a great product). Since the most helpful reviews float to the top (rather than the most recent) and they have a long history of people voting them as helpful on the iPad 2/3/4 version, it makes it very hard to see the problems with the iPad Air version.

    On top of all this, I emailed their support well within their 30 day return policy and they never got back to me. I followed up via phone still within 30 days from when I received the product and they said they could not help me, that it was outside the 30 day policy. They are using the purchase date as the start of that 30 day policy (even though I didn’t get it until a week later), and they are saying they never received my email. I am shocked that a company like Logitech would pull tactics like this. After a long history of buying Logitech products, from mice to keyboards to webcams to the Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover for the iPad 4, I will never buy from this company again. I wish I had bought on Amazon instead of direct through Logitech. I know Amazon would have taken great care of me.

    ——–EDIT 12/20/13——–

    It appears that the product listing on Amazon has again been split for the iPad Air and iPad 2/3/4. I think Amazon made Logitech play by the rules here, and this is good news as it makes it much more clear how the iPad Air version of this keyboard stacks up. Hopefully Logitech fixes the problems with future batches of this device, as it does have the potential to be great once again.


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  2. Strati G. Vourakis "Drjones"
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    Good, but still plagued with weak magnets – only in a different spot, November 10, 2013
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    I just got this Logitech Ultrathin case for my new iPad Air. I had the Ultrathin for my iPad 2 for over a year, so I’m quite familiar with it. The level of functionality it brings to the iPad is just unbelievable. Contrary to what Apple preaches, keyboards aren’t going anywhere for a looooong time and are, for anyone who does anything productive on their iPad, a total necessity.

    What’s so great about this Ultrathin case though is that it is easily one of the lightest, thinnest, easiest to use & transport keyboards on the market. It isn’t some bulky case or folio and when you want to just hold your iPad by itself, it’s as simple as separating the magnetic keyboard from your iPad; you don’t have to fuss with any snaps or other physical attachment, nor do you have to wriggle your iPad out of some tight enclosure.

    This model is pretty similar to the one I had for my iPad 2, so I know it well. Of course it does have some minor changes & refinements, and the below are my observations of this new Logitech Ultrathin case, updated for the iPad Air:

    - Let’s get the bad news out of the way first: One of the first things I noticed & complained about with the U2 case is how weak the edge/hinge magnets were that hold the case to the iPad when closed. While that issue has been addressed – the edge/hinge magnets are now much stronger, frustratingly enough, the magnets that are supposed to retain the device when it’s clicked into the keyboard for use are so weak I had to play with it to see if there even were any magnets in that location at all. Indeed, there seem to be magnets to hold the iPad air at an angle while in the slot, but they are ridiculously weak and offer virtually NO retention.

    With the U2 case & iPad 2, you could pick up the iPad itself with the keyboard still attached in the slot, give it a good shake & it wouldn’t come loose. With the new case for the Air, sadly, you can barely lift the iPad at all and the keyboard drops loose. This will certainly take some readjustment in my daily routine and I hope I do not drop this keyboard. I dropped my U2 keyboard & slightly bent it – it is fragile.

    - While what struck me at first about the Ultrathin keyboard for iPad 2 (can we call it “U2″ for short?) was how thin and light it was. The opposite was true for the new Air keyboard – it instantly felt almost clunky & heavy. This is more indicative of how thin & light the air is, than a knock to Logitech, but the new keyboard case feels much closer in weight to the air than the U2 felt to the iPad 2. Of course the iPad 2 is significantly heavier than the Air, and so the Logitech U2 case rightly feels drastically lighter than the iPad 2.

    With the iPad Air being so thin and light, adding Logitech’s case almost – but not quite – makes it feel like you’re carrying around a second iPad Air.

    Again I want to be clear that this is not, on its own, a thick and heavy case – quite the opposite in fact, and I still think it is the best keyboard on the market. However, coming from my old, much heavier iPad 2, the Air is so much thinner and lighter as to make even a slim keyboard like this one, feel & appear thick & heavy…again, this is to Apple’s credit for how great a job they did with the iPad Air!

    - I’m glad to see Logitech implement some rubber bumpers to better separate the hard plastic of the keyboard case from the iPads screen. My iPad 2 screen has a very, very slight wear mark from where the glass contacts the plastic – after over a year of use, it’s rubbed together enough to wear my screen a tiny bit. I suggest people put a screen protector onto your iPad if you’re at all concerned about this.

    The rubber bumpers are on the edges of the keyboard, along the same row as the space bar, and a long strip runs above the slot where you place the iPad for use – which is exactly the spot I could have used protection for my iPad 2.

    I’ve got a screen protector on order for my new Air to prevent this issue, and a back cover to provide added grip anyway.

    Additionally, there are now tiny rubber “feet” on the outside of the case, and a raised rubber strip along the edge where it clips onto your iPad, almost like the feet/pads on the underside of a laptop. This is a nice touch, and we’ll see if it helps. I was considering getting a screen protector to apply to the outside of this case as the bare aluminum is slick. I’ll have to wait & see if the rubber pads help, or are too small to make any difference.

    - On the “U2″ case, there was a chintzy strip of plastic running along the inside of the slot where you place the iPad for use – that shifted over time, exposing a gummy adhesive residue that would occasionally get tiny bits onto my iPad screen. A very small annoyance, but I’m glad to see it’s gone. Logitech’s attention to the tiniest details such as this make the issue with the super-weak slot magnets even…

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