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SupCase Slim Fit Folio Leather Case Cover for 7.9-Inch Apple iPad mini, Purple (MN-62A-PL)

  • Made of premium synthetic leather; Soft micro suede interior provide a nice protection for your device
  • Automatically wakes and puts your iPad mini to sleep
  • Cover has flip capability to transform the case into a horizontal stand
  • Specifically designed cutouts for iPad mini; Full access to all ports and buttons of your iPad mini.
  • Slim fit design for your iPad mini
  • Magnetic strip built inside for secure closure
SUPCASE slim leather case perfectly fits your Apple iPad mini. It is made of premium synthetic leather, lightweight and durable. Soft micro suede provides a maximum protection for your tablet's screen. The specifically designed cutouts allow you to easily access all ports and buttons of your iPad mini. The built-in magnet ensures a secure closure. This case also features a SMART COVER function. It can automatically wake and put your iPad mini to sleep. This case features a slim fit design. The f

List Price: $ 14.99 Price: $ 14.99

Customer Reviews

160 of 165 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Nice case, all ports buttons accessible and stands up, November 9, 2012
This review is from: SupCase Slim Fit Folio Leather Case Cover for 7.9-Inch Apple iPad mini, Purple (MN-62A-PL) (Personal Computers)
Customer Video Review Length:: 2:46 Mins

Supcase's tablet case for the iPad Mini is thin, stylish, and functional.

Installation is simple - the iPad just slips into place and a piece of Velcro secures it. Make sure not to put the iPad in upside-down, or the rear camera will be covered by the case. There is a special cutout in the case for the rear camera.

All ports and buttons are accessible with the case on, so you won't have to take the iPad out of the case.

The front cover is magnetic and stays closed and also tells the screen to turn off when closed and turn on when opened. It can also be folded back into a small flap on the back of the case, allowing the iPad to stand on a flat surface on its own, hands-free.

When in the case with the lid closed, the case looks like a small leather-bound book or planner.

Overall great case, combined with a screen protector Supcase 2 Pack Ultra Clear Screen Protector for iPad Mini New iPad 7.85 inch Tablet (Not Fit iPad 2 iPad 3 Tablet) this will go a long way protecting your tablet.
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64 of 66 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Nice cover!, November 7, 2012
C. S. Morse (New Hampshire) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: SupCase Slim Fit Folio Leather Case Cover for 7.9-Inch Apple iPad mini, Purple (MN-62A-PL) (Personal Computers)
Actually, this is an amazing cover for the price! It is a complete case, with the sleep/wake feature enabled by magnets embedded in the cover (just like Apple's "smart cover") but at just about a quarter of the price of the smart cover. I wanted an all-over case instead of just a cover so that I'm not quite so worried about carrying this around in my bag. The cover is stiff enough that I don't worry about something (keys, change purse, zipper tab from the wallet) impacting the screen, and yet the case is substantial enough to give me some impact protection and a better grip than an uncovered iPad mini. This reminds me strongly of the CaseCrown case I had for my Kindle Fire, and I liked that one immensely. Highly recommend - totally worth the price!!
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52 of 58 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great case, could be a little better, July 16, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Let me preface this by saying this is the fourth iPad mini case I have bought and used, which I feel is kind of really excessive considering I've had the actual device less than a year. It's not that I am a fiend for cases, I really would prefer to just get one and then never have to think about it again, but I am apparently pickier about iPad mini cases than phone cases or laptop cases.

The first one I bought was the i-BLASON Apple iPad Mini 7.9 Inch Auto Wake / Sleep Smart Cover Leather Case which was okay, but I didn't like the front cover and the way it felt when I folded the cover back. I wanted to be able to lay it flat against a surface too, which was impossible due to the latch. Can't fault their customer service at all, though, they were wonderful.

The second one I bought was the INVELLOP BLACK Leatherette Case Cover for iPad mini and I really loved it, for one month. I liked the texturized leatherette back and how the iPad mini fit perfectly in it. Also, I prefer the front smart cover design and the triangular fold stand. It makes a nice grip when holding it one-handed and I like that to take pictures, all you need to do is fold back the first section of the cover (extra handy when you're out in public, your phone is dead and you are trying to surreptitously take a picture of your breakfast for strangers on the Internet). One thing I particularly liked about this case is that the front cover laid completely flat against the back and stuck in place with the magnets. You could, if for some reason you wanted to, use it like that permanently and then use a screen protector or sleeve. Alas, my perfect case fell apart after just a few weeks of pretty light use; I mean, I don't take my iPad out that much. The cover spent most of the time next to my bed just sitting there and apparently disintegrating. Shelling out $20 for a new case on a monthly basis was not going to cut it, so then I tried

MoKo Ultra Slim Lightweight Smartshell Stand Case for Apple iPad Mini. Same concept, similar design, but it fell short of my expectations. The back was a texturized plastic and didn't feel as nice to grip, the smart cover sections were uneven and so the triangle fold it created was always a little off, the cover didn't lay flat against the back, the iPad was constantly popping out of one corner. It was time to find a replacement, so here we are. The supcase. Kudos if anyone is actually reading this. You are either very bored or equally frustrated with iPad mini cases.

Okay, the good:

-It feels nice. This is not an arbitrary thing, stuff that feels nice adds to the experience. I buy 100% cotton shirts because polyester or poly-blend feels heinous in the summer/all the time. I spent most of a paycheck on sheets instead of groceries because who needs food when you've swathed yourself in luxurious sheets (obviously you need food, don't follow my lead ever, always opt for groceries). This case feels sturdy, it's soft, it's nice to hold.

-It also looks great. It looks professional. I feel like I should be using my iPad in a board meeting. I don't go to board meetings. I feel like I should just find some to crash. Small detail: I have this case in black, and I like the black stitching. I have an aversion to white stitching on black items. Some people think it looks more professional, I think it screams to have you notice the one stitch that's off or has come loose. Maybe that's just me?

-The iPad is pretty secure in there, what with having a border around the edges and a velcro piece to seal it in. True, it's going to be harder to clean the front glass if you don't have a screen protector and it's probably going to take ages to get the thing out of the case, but I haven't done this yet and I'm going to let future me worry about that ordeal. In the meantime, I have peace of mind that my iPad isn't going to pop out of its case when I'm making a dramatic point during a board meeting.

-It looks like it's probably a lot more effective at actually providing protection than the last three cases, considering it extends beyond the iPad's edges and has a fair bit of padding. Looks being the operative word here, though. I've never actually dropped my iPad and who knows, kinetic energy is kind of a jerk and maybe I'll drop it tomorrow and find out this case doesn't protect it at all. Oh and I forgot to mention the ports all line up with the cutouts and the speakers aren't blocked and it's all just good. Sometimes... Read more
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iHome iConnect Media Keyboard w/dock for iPod or iPhone

iHome iConnect Media Keyboard w/dock for iPod or iPhone

  • Dock Your iPod or iPhone in the Keyboard and Easily Transer Music, Photos, Video, etc. and More with iTunes
  • The Built-In Dock Has a Cover which Slides Flat on the Keyboard.
  • Illuminated Touch Sensitive Media Keys Allow Your to Shuffle Your Playlist and Control Your Media with a Glide of a Finger
  • 2 Rotating USB 2.0 Ports Offer Quick and Easy Access for Connecting Digital Cameras, Printers, Thumb Drives, Mice and More.
  • Rubberized Wrist Rest; 2.4 GHz Wireless Frequency; 1200 dpi High Performance Sensor; Horizontal and Vertical Scrolling; LED Low Battery Indicator.
IH-K230MB iConnect Media Keyboard Dock your iPod or iPhone in the keyboard and easily transfer music, photos, videos, applications and more with iTunes. The built-in dock has a cover which slides flat on the keyboard when it's not in use to maintain the keyboard's stylish and sleek design. Illuminated touch sensitive media keys allow you to shuffle your playlist and control your media with a glide of a finger. 2 rotating USB 2.0 ports offer quick and easy access for connecting digital came

List Price: $ 229.95 Price:

Customer Reviews

16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Great letters, bad numbers!, December 18, 2009
This review is from: iHome iConnect Media Keyboard w/dock for iPod or iPhone (Personal Computers)
I was looking for a keyboard that was more compact, and resembled the feel of a notebook keyboard (as that is what I am used to). The desktop keyboards (which I am forced to use at work) are a totally different feel, bulkier keys, and more spread out keys. The feel was really throwing me off when trying to combine keystrokes. This keyboard fit the bill, and had a sweet Iphone charger built in. Here is what I found in a short few days of owning it; Keyboard (Letters): All though the keys were still a little noisy, they were quieter then standard desktop keyboards. The keys were fairly responsive, and the keys were well placed (although the home, end, delete, etc) keys are arranged a little differently. The right shift key is also really small, and made some shift functions difficult at first. All in all the keyboard was a better fit for those more used to notebooks. Keyboards (Numbers): This was the big stinker in the product, and the reason I ultimately will be taking this back to the store (by the way, I bought it at Costco for $50...best price I found). The number keys, although black in color, are nothing like the letter keys. Not only do they have a slightly different texture, they have about half the profile of the letter keys, i.e., they sit allot flatter. So far, not an issue, but, the keys required a user to hit the sweet spot to actually activate them (sweet spot being the direct center of the key). I work with a lot of numbers and spreadsheets all day, and use the keypad frequently. I would say that 80% of the time, I was unable to hit the key correctly to type the numbers I was computing. This was very annoying. Believe me, this is not user error, the flaw in design is obvious, and cannot be overcome, unless you only type a few numbers a day. This rendered the keyboard useless to me, as I had to plug a separate keypad into the computer just to make it through the day. If you plan on using the keypad for anything frequent, do not buy this. IPod/Iphone Dock: Although I was not using ITunes on the computer the keyboard was hooked up to, the charging feature worked flawlessly. The placement of the phone was great (especially if you use your phone at work to access websites that are blocked on your work computer). Also, the keyboard comes with multiple inserts so that you can plug Iphones, Nanos, etc into it, but more importantly, you can leave the included sleeves out, and dock your bulkier sleeved phone into it (as most Iphone docking accessories do not allow room for the extra girth a sleeve/skin causes. One last note, my keyboard came with the included mouse. Although the mouse had some of the higher end features, such as the programmable buttons on the side, the software was par. Nothing like my Logitech's, and not a replacement for anyone who likes to truly customize their mouse buttons. Another plus....the mouse receiver is the size of a Logitech nano. Summary: Only buy this if you plan to never (or very rarely) use the keypad. With that said, if you fall into this small category, there is no reason why you should buy a better compact keyboard that has no keyboard which will save on desk real-estate, which then you can add an independent Iphone docking station. Hope this helps....I will be buying the HP Elite keyboard as a replacement, and hope that works better. Regards!
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Functional, but not Premium, August 27, 2009
J Goins (Raleigh, NC USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: iHome iConnect Media Keyboard w/dock for iPod or iPhone (Personal Computers)

1. iPod/iPhone dock is built in which removes yet another "wart" from your desk.

2. The touch sensitive media keys, lining the top, respond well.

3. Swivel usb ports are a nice touch.

4. Attractive finishing, sleek profile, the slid cover for your iDevice folds open when you press it back...gimmicky but neat nonetheless.


1. You may be able to get rid of a desk wart, BUT you have to hook this keyboard up to a usb port and an AC adapter so you are going to lose an electrical plug-in somewhere.

2. Since the keyboard has to be plugged into an AC adapter you would figure that it could power/charge usb devices (or iPods/iPhones) while the computer is off...NOPE. Additionally the keyboard will not function (no, not at all) if the AC adapter isn't plugged in.

3. This is a personal preference issue, but the layout is very similiar to a notebooks, and the number pad keys are flush with the housing of the keyboard. The number pad doesn't respond as well as the raised keys which would be an issue if you use it a lot, possibly that will improve with time and wear.


The packaging is very nice however I wouldn't recomend paying $50+ for the keyboard. If you would like to get rid of a desk wart, and you don't mind a "notebook feel" keyboard for your desktop, then go for it.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Pretty sad, August 11, 2009
This review is from: iHome iConnect Media Keyboard w/dock for iPod or iPhone (Personal Computers)
1. It installs an app that is nothing more than a login item into your Applications folder, with a the standard "I don't have an icon" app icon. I hate that. If it's just a driver, don't stick dumb stuff in my Apps folder.

2. The keyboard feel is sad. Keys are tight, travel is mushy, arrangement is poor. Man, I should have noticed this. For a full-sized keyboard, it sure feels like I'm on a netbook.

3. Can't seem to invert the Fn-key aspect of the F keys. To get F1-F12 to behave as such, you *have* to hold down the Fn key. I hate that. I like inverting those, so that the special functions are the ones that require holding that key down.

Verdict: Bleh. Going to get my money back tomorrow.
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Perixx PERIBOARD-807, Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard – Support Android 3.0 & Above – iPhone – iPad – iPad Mini – Nexus 5 7 10 – Galaxy S4 – Tab – Note III – Black – US English Layout

Perixx PERIBOARD-804II, Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard - Support Android 3.0 & Above - iPhone - iPad - iPad Mini - Nexus 5 7 10 - Galaxy S4 - Tab - Note III - Black - US English Layout

  • Bluetooth 3.0 Technology with up to 30ft Operating Range - Support HID (Human Interface Device)
  • 10"x5" Portable Size
  • Operating with 2xAAA Battery (Batteries are not included)
  • Silent X Type Scissor Keys - Non-slip Rubber Feet
  • On/Off Switch
Compatible and mapping with Microsoft OS, but can also connect it with iOS and Android OS (3.0-4.4 Version)

List Price: $ 39.90 Price: $ 19.99

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(Updated Version) MOCREO® 5-in-1 Portable WiFi 802.11b/g/n Wireless USB 3G Hotspot Router w/ 5200mAh Power Bank Backup Power for iPhone 5S, 5, 4, 4S; iPad mini, Moto X; Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Note 2; Nokia Lumia 920; HTC One; Google Glass, Google Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10; LG Optimus; Blackberry; Mobile Smart Phones(3G USB Dongle Sold Separately)-White

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